WADE CREEK HOUSE ANTIQUES opened in 2007. Located in an old 1940's home, we have expanded many times so there are many areas for you to browse. Located on an acre in Estacada, Oregon, your children can visit with our chickens (yes, we sell eggs) as you look around.

We are much more than an antiques store. We host community fundraisers, have two
OUTDOOR VINTAGE MARKETS every summer and hold classes and workshops throughout the year. You can find details BELOW.

OUR VENDORS LOVE TO SHOP FOR YOU. They specialize in old, rusty, antique,
primitive, vintage, recycled, revived, repurposed, salvaged, scavenged, chippy, farm, collectibles, indoor and outdoor décor. Come and see what they have found
for you!!


SUMMER HOURS April - October
Monday - Saturday 10a - 6p and Sunday 11a - 5p

WINTER HOURS - November - March
Monday - Saturday 10a - 5p and SUNDAY 11a - 5p.


Thursday, January 2, 2014


2014 - a time of new beginnings.  Here at The Wade Creek House we are into new beginnings too... of a different sort.... and two of them!  Maybe I should start at the beginning and try to make it short.


Our buff orpington hens are a broody breed of chicken.  Buttercup made herself a little nest in the corner of the chicken house and sat on her eggs and many other hens eggs. You see other hens will contribute to the nest daily so soon she is sitting on lots of eggs.  The chickens have a great space and I don't want more chickens so every Saturday, I would pick Buttercup up and remove all the eggs.  It takes 21 days to make a chick so obviously I missed an egg or two as last Saturday, I did the same, only this time I heard peep, peep, peep.  I looked down and an egg was beginning to crack.  What the.....!!  Once hearing that I put her back on the nest and left her alone.  Went in later and the other buff Binky was sitting on the nest with her.  Two eggs hatched, we have two baby chicks and two happy mamas.  Hard to get a picture because whenever the door opens they run underneath the moms.  Stop by for a peek.  NOW WE HAVE TO NAME THEM.... ANY SUGGESTIONS?  I just hope we don't get any more Ruby's that turn into roosters named Red.  The red of the picture is the heat lamp & my camera in the wrong setting..


Expect the unexpected.....

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