WADE CREEK HOUSE ANTIQUES opened in 2007. Located in an old 1940's home, we have expanded many times so there are many areas for you to browse. Located on an acre in Estacada, Oregon, your children can visit with our chickens (yes, we sell eggs) as you look around.

We are much more than an antiques store. We host community fundraisers, have two
OUTDOOR VINTAGE MARKETS every summer and hold classes and workshops throughout the year. You can find details BELOW.

OUR VENDORS LOVE TO SHOP FOR YOU. They specialize in old, rusty, antique,
primitive, vintage, recycled, revived, repurposed, salvaged, scavenged, chippy, farm, collectibles, indoor and outdoor décor. Come and see what they have found
for you!!


SUMMER HOURS April - October
Monday - Saturday 10a - 6p and Sunday 11a - 5p

WINTER HOURS - November - March
Monday - Saturday 10a - 5p and SUNDAY 11a - 5p.


Sunday, June 29, 2014


The shop has been doing a shuffle, and with that we are able to welcome a new member...  Welcome Gloria who loves to collect with her husband Doug.  Gloria is still in the process of moving in but I thought I would give you a sneak peek.  Come in and check out some of her great finds.

This picture doesn't do this piece justice.... a huge, previously lit neon letter.  Very cool!

Gloria loves to repurpose making hanging pendant lights out of fun objects.

This a spectacular old display case out of the old Meier and Frank store.

Welcome Gloria!

Friday, June 27, 2014


Walking through The Wade Creek House, you  get a sense about what we all love.  Old, unique and who knows what clicks when you see something  that makes you want to keep it and collect more.  It happens to all of us and we thought you would find it interesting to see what the members of The Wade Creek House are collecting.

Recently we asked the members of the Wade Creek House what they collect and here’s what we learned.  Since there are so many of us I will post a couple a week and then ad them to a page  on the side of the blog so you can catch up if you have missed some.  

Linda has been a member of The Wade Creek House since 2008.  She has a very unique collection that brings her great joy and fosters her sense of honoring the value of the past. She resides on some property that was once part of the Philip Foster farm land claim. Because she is an avid gardener she is always finding shards of old glass and pottery in the soil she tills. She says the shards are pretty and they remind her of the people who came before her. She keeps her shards in containers throughout her home. Undoubtedly the shards she finds were once part of very precious items that were used to “work the land and harvest food”. Linda even composed a poem expressing her feelings about what these shards symbolize. I will try to get that poem to share with you.
Debbie I. also joined us in 2008, and has a number of collections including an assortment of antique canning jars. She has a variety of sizes, shapes and manufacturers. Her jars are displayed on a shelf attached to a wall above a long window in her home.  It is easy to imagine the light bouncing off the glass jars in a delightful way.  She says she collects jars because they remind her of an era of history that has always appealed to her. Being a “farmer’s wife” during the late 1800’s or early 1900’s sometimes seems like a better match for her then her current modern lifestyle. She also notes the other benefit to collecting jars is that when she finds one while she is on a trip she can easily fit her “prize”  in her suitcase.
Collections offer a great way to add interest and excitement to your home or office décor.  Many people collect items that remind them of people or times gone by. Collections are unique and personal. It is fun to hear what our customers collect when they come into the shop “treasure hunting”! 
What do you collect?  We would love to know......



Tuesday, June 24, 2014


SATURDAY, JUNE 28  10:30am - 1pm     $65
Recently, many of our customers have come in with questions about how to paint and distress furniture.  Here is your chance to get hands-on and learn the techniques that you can use at home.  This Saturday is Carrie's Distressed Chair Painting class.  Here you will learn how to paint and distress furniture and how to upholster a seat with a custom made stenciled fabric cushion.  You will be able to pick your vintage inspired wooden chair to reinvent with paint.  Basic painting and distressing techniques will be taught as well as recovering of the seat with canvas adorned with choice of 3 images (wreath with crown, bird, or bee).  ALL MATERIALS, including chair, is included.  Let us know which image you prefer for seat.  Bring a paint shirt.  Cost is $65.  This is such a fun class... I know I will be there!!

Carrie brings a variety of vintage chairs, all primed and ready to go.  She supplies everything...just bring a paint shirt if you are messy like me...



Choose from these three images for your seat cushion...

The beautiful thing about learning, is that nobody can take it away from you.  B.B. King

Saturday, June 21, 2014


HAPPY SUMMER!!  June 21st, Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and time to put a few dates on your calendar.  (hint..read all the way to the bottom to learn about your chance to win)

Get these dates down.  Great fun.  Over 50 vendors, food, music.  SIGN UP TO BE A VENDOR.. spaces are 10 x 12 for $35 or sign up for all three markets for $85.  FUN FUN FUN

Estacada Senior Community Center Fundraiser
JULY 19  9am - 4pm
A chance to tour the countryside to see spectacular gardens.  Visit gardens in town and see what you can do in small spaces and then continue out of town and visit some wonderful rural gardens.  All money raised will go to our Senior Community Center
Cost is $15 ea or $25 per couple UNLESS you buy your tour bracelet before the day of the tour. 
Purchase price before day of tour is just $10. 
You can purchase your garden tour bracelets at The Wade Creek House or at Planet Cup of Joe in Sandy or Estacada. 
Pick up to tour map day of tour at The Wade Creek House.

The more we share,
The more we have.
Leonard Nimoy

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The gals had a great time last weekend playing in concrete.

And this weekend is our
Twisted Twig Trellis class.
Weather sunny and 77..
Saturday, June 21  11am - 1pm   $25
Limited class size so call to reserve your spot.
Here are some pics from last year.

“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, the just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while” – Steve Jobs
See you Saturday.... or anytime!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

SO SAD.....

Just down the road from us on the Old Eagle Creek Highway, two great businesses were destroyed by fire early Saturday morning, Currinsville Market and Bailey's Pub and Grub.  It was just the middle of March of this year that Bailey's Pub and Grub opened. They quickly got involved in the community and the community fell in love with them.  Whenever we went in, you could always find a neighbor or two there as well.  They had a great menu, fun personalities, and were very caring and thoughtful. Janet and Pam always made you feel like old friends.  Our hearts are heavy for them and their loss and we hope they can rebuilt, and reopen close by.  We will follow them wherever they go.....

Saturday, June 14, 2014


We love DIY projects using vintage items and this week we focus on giving vintage kitchen items a new purpose.  Carrie has set up a new display with a kitchen theme using aprons for curtains, pastry cutters as recipe holders, and  stacking trays out of a rolling pin and pie tins and more.  Stop in and check it out. We have the items you need to create these things yourself, or we have some made.





Like I said,  we love vintage kitchen.....

Monday, June 9, 2014


Thank You! Thank you for the support that was given to Carrie and her Chairs for Charity Fundraiser.  We did make more for this great cause than last year but did not quite meet our goal.. but there is always next year!  She was one tired girl by the end of the day..

And there is more coming up.  THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 14, is our Advanced Concrete Leaf Casting Workshop.  This is where you turn leaves into art and it is such a fun class.  If you missed the beginning class, Nikki will guide you along.   You will learn advanced techniques including reinforcement and color.  Class starts at 10:30 and it will take a couple of hours to complete your leaf.  Bring a piece of plywood approx. 18" x 18".  Nikki recommends you leave your leaf with us for 72 hours before transporting it home.  Cost is $35.  There is a limited class size so call your friends and then call to reserve your space.   503-630-7556

The purpose of art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls... Picasso

Friday, June 6, 2014

Our friend Carrie... she has this to say...


Tomorrow is the day I have been working toward for the last six months. Being a furniture painter, "Chairs for Charity" fits what I love to do, what I am  nate about. Making things that are a little broken and battered more beautiful. In my eyes, that is what The LAM Foundation does for women like myself fighting against Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. They provide us with hope when we are feeling hopeless. So, one last plug.....come join me tomorrow at The Wade Creek House and show your passionate about.   Making things that are a little broken and battered more beautiful.  In my eyes, that is what The LAM Foundation does for women like myself fighting against Lymphagioleiomyomatosis.  They provide us with hope when we are feeling hopeless.  So, one last plug... come join me tomorrow at The Wade Creek House and show your support.
Thank you Estacada for your support!!
Here are a few more chairs that you haven't seen and apparently there is at least one if not two that came after I had been in.bout. Making things that are a little broken and battered more beautiful. In my eyes, that is what The LAM Foundation does for women like myself fighting against Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. They provide us with hope when we are feeling hopeless. So, one last plug.....come join me tomorrow at The Wade Creek House and show your support.nate about. Making things that are a little broken and battered more beautiful. In my eyes, that is what The LAM Foundation does for women like myself fighting against Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. They provide us with hope when we are feeling hopeless. So, one last plug.....come join me tomorrow at The Wade Creek House and show your support.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014


As promised here are pictures of more chairs...for our CHAIRS for CHARITY FUNDRAISER this Saturday, June 7th.  Here you can stop by between 10a and 5:30p on Saturday and participate in a silent auction to win one (or more) of these wonderfully crafted chairs.  If you come in the morning and place a bid, you can leave a bidding sheet with us if your starting bid is not your maximum bid.  We try to make it easy.  If you are unable to attend, we have pre-bid forms.  Like I said, we try to make it easy.  This is a great cause and we appreciate your support.

AND the weather is going to be beautiful..... a great day to take a drive.  Carrie did a few calculations:  it is only 45 min. and 30 miles from Portland, 47 min. and 37 miles from Beaverton, 1 hour and 53 miles from Salem, 49 min. and 40 miles from Vancouver and 1hr. and 52 miles from Ridgefield. It is a beautiful country drive.   Estacada has other great shops you will want to visit and great places to eat.  Make a day of it.


Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small one surround us every day.  Sally Koch

Monday, June 2, 2014

A message from Carrie...

From Carrie's posting yesterday...

Today is National LAM Awareness Day. I found out I had Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, or LAM back in 2006 and my life hasn't been the same since. LAM affects women in the prime of their lives robbing them of the ability to breathe and and move throughout life without complication. There is no cure. LAM is extremely rare, therefore those of us stricken with the disease do most of the fundraising and awareness campaigns ourselves with the help of our families, friends and other patients. For more information on LAM and how you can make a difference please visit thelamfoundation.org or visit me next Saturday, June 7th at "Chairs for Charity" at The Wade Creek House". All proceeds benefit The LAM Foundation.